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Nowais Capital Inc

Nowais Capital is the holding group for the next generation Nowais investment leaders. The company's objective is to continue building on the legacy of the funding fathers of the family and the successful businesses that they have created. Nowais Capital focuses on international investments in Real Estate, Capital Markets, Private Equity, and early stage emerging fund managers in Venture Capital. These funds are sourced and managed through our General Partners in AAF Management    



Foundation 12 "F12" is a non-profit philanthropic family foundation established to sustain Hassan Mohammed Ali Al Nowais’s charitable giving in a modernized era. He was always there for those in need. He believed that independence coupled with courage and education builds one’s character, confidence, resilience, to become an accomplished person whose socially responsible and can make a difference not only for his own people but the world. To deliver on his vision to support those in need during times where education costs are on the rise limiting ambitious kids from reaching their full potential F12 seeks to build the future of the next generation of leaders by providing the means to their education across different domains that meet their passion and aspirations. The foundation will guide them to picking the right career path in life, one that prepares them with the right skills for 21st century labor market requirements and beyond but equally gives them the freedom to innovate and further develop their entrepreneurship talent.
F12 foresees that investing in human capital is the optimal solution to tackling social problems with the objective of elevating living standards, knowledge and know how.

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